As you plan the renovation of your Naples home with Innovative Construction Solutions, include a wine cellar buildout. Our expertise allows us to provide custom, precise, and ideal results.

Wine Cellar Buildout NaplesThe skilled professionals here with Innovative Construction Solutions run the gamut of the building trades. Our specialties focus on the very issues that plague the structures in the area given the rigors of the Southwest Florida environment.

We offer 25+ years of collective experience and the support of our parent company, BCB Homes.

The Crucial Elements of Building a Wine Cellar

Building a Leak-Free Space

Whether you choose to add-on square footage or revamp existing space, the room must be free of any leaks. Our team and techniques are advanced and able to check the tiniest leaks that could threaten the life and effectiveness of your project. Keep in mind that controlling the environment within this room is essential to maintaining the quality of your wine.

Installing a Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier serves to protect the areas on both sides of the insulation. This barrier needs to lay on the warm side of all walls and the ceiling of the wine cellar. Installing a vapor barrier on the cold side facing the wine cellar could result in humidity, condensation, moisture, and mold.

Sealing the Floor

Building a wine cellar below ground in a basement area is ideal, and the floor space should be concrete. Other options are too permeable, as is concrete, which explains the need for sealing it.

Furring and Insulating the Room

The need for insulating a wine cellar should be obvious. The room must be temperature controlled, and if that controlled air escapes, these efforts will fail, and your utility costs will be outrageous. For the best possible results, have the professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions complete the process.

Installing the Door

The materials used within your wine cellar are critically important, especially the door. Homeowners often choose glass for the aesthetic components, but this option will be less energy efficient than a better insulated door. If you choose glass, make sure that the door is well sealed and the panes are thick.

Repeating Leak Checks

After the door is in, we will repeat the leak tests to make sure that the essential hermetic seal is still possible or if adjustments need to be made.

Finishing the Walls

This step is one where you’ll definitely have a significant input. The finishes need to be aesthetically appropriate and water based.

Designing the Perfect Wine Cellar Cooling System

The core of your wine cellar will be the cooling system, especially here in Southwest Florida. This critical element needs to be designed and installed by experienced specialists, like those here at Innovative Construction Specialists.

Finalizing the Finishing Touches

The choices that you make at this stage put your own style within your wine cellar. This stage requires your input or that of the designer whom you delegate to take care of the design decisions. From the wine racks to furnishings and decor, a wide range of decisions will need to be made.

When the time comes to include a wine cellar buildout in your renovation plans in Naples, choose Innovative Construction Solutions. Schedule a consultation to discuss your plans today by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here.