Quick and appropriate window & roof leak repair from Innovative Construction Solutions will protect your home from unwelcome and damaging exposure. Call on us today for a convenient, affordable, and courteous provider.

Window & Roof Leak Repair in Marco Island, FLAn experienced group of licensed contractors in Southwest Florida, Innovative Construction Solutions offers expertise in testimony, planning, and skills in repairs and construction. Our primary goal is always customer satisfaction and structural protection.

Window and Roof Leaks

As a homeowner, the condition of the roof and windows of the structure should be of great concern. These elements prevent water and untreated air from entering the home. When water finds its way into the home through a leak in either of these features, the result will be disastrous. The earlier the problems are fixed, the better!

As DIY solutions become more popular, we encourage homeowners to reserve these impulses for features not connected to the home’s building envelope. Leave the key points of protection for your home to experts at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Attempting to fix a window leak is possible if its cause is caulking or weatherstripping issues. However, if the window is installed incorrectly or broken, leave the replacement to the professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions!

Roof leaks also require professional intervention. Our team will evaluate the situation and suggest the most affordable but effective solution. We offer a wide range of repair and replacement options.

Tips for Window and Roof Care:

  • Regular inspections
  • Responsive repair
  • Caulk and weatherstripping
  • Gutter system

A window or roof leak may seem minor, and most issues will start small. These small leaks will grow over time, causing damage the entire time. With routine, frequent inspections, problems can be spotted early and repaired before the problem becomes severe and repairs expensive.

Innovative Construction Solution technicians utilize advanced testing tools to find breaks in the thermal barrier that indicate leaks. This method allows for more accurate inspections without having to cause damage like invasive inspection methods would. We also use spray racks for inspection.

With the window and roof leak evaluations that we provide at Innovative Construction Solutions, we can find the exact location of any leak, glean the extent of the damage, and prescribe the most appropriate solution for the problem. If you choose us to provide the repair, we will do so promptly and affordably without leaving a mess when we’re done!

Causes of Window and Roof Leaks

Many situations cause window and roof leaks, making installation failure very common. The sealing, caulking, glass seal, and product quality are all critical to the integrity of your windows. Of course, these issues aren’t the only way windows can leak. Every parent out there knows the smash of a baseball on glass! We’re ready to provide a timely solution.

Roof leaks are also often due to inappropriate installation. The frequent storms, winds, branches falling, and the passage of time can also lead to roof leaks.

The best tool in the battle to protect your windows and roof is to call Innovative Construction Solutions for regular inspection and leak repair of your home in Marco Island, FL. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to schedule our services.