Head off expensive and invasive repair work for your Park Shore home in Naples, FL, by choosing Innovative Construction Solutions to inspect for window leak issues or other issues.

Window Leak Repair Park Shore, Naples, FLThe Innovative Construction Solutions team of professionals offers expertise and experience that spans the building trades’ and includes engineers, supervisors, and technicians. Our specialty is the prevention of major problems by identifying and repairing minor problems promptly and appropriately. One of the critical problems we identify and resolve is water intrusion due to window leaks.

Window Leak Causes and Prevention

Window leaks can happen for many reasons, ranging from age to defects, installation issues, damage, and failed sealant. With appropriate maintenance and monitoring, leaks can be repaired before severe damage occurs.

The damage from window leaks can be much more severe than suspected. In addition to physical damage, the air intrusion that occurs at the leak area diminishes the strength of the insulation system.

Other damage that comes from window leaks:

  • Mold and Mildew – The water that intrudes from a window leak attracts mold and mildew. This phenomenon can occur wherever the water travels, including on the walls and even behind them. Mold and mildew are significant health hazards. They reduce the quality of the interior air and risk the respiratory health of the home’s residents.
  • Damaged Drywall – Damage that comes from the water intrusion extends beyond the wall’s surface to the drywall underneath if the leak is significant enough or exists long enough for sufficient water exposure.
  • Basement Leaks – The smallest of window leaks can easily lead to significant unnoticed damage. As water enters, it will trickle down, enter the basement, and spread throughout the basement. Accumulation will lead to problems with the home’s foundation, wiring, structure, and whatever items you have stored within your home.
  • Wood Rot – Another issue that comes from a window leak is rotted wood due to regular exposure to water. This wood may lie in the frame of the window, the home’s flooring, and even the wooden frame within the wall cavity. This type of rot will require significant repair and expense.
  • Foundation Issues – As water flows down walls and settles, your home’s foundation can suffer serious damage. This issue is one you don’t want to experience.

Potential Causes of Window Leaks

As we inspect your home for problems and identify window leaks, we will be able to diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution. Potential causes include:

  • Installation mistakes
  • Damaged or Cracking Caulking
  • Poor Glass Seal
  • Defective Products

Finding and repairing these problems sooner rather than later will prevent worse damage and more significant repair costs. Innovative Construction Solutions employs the most advanced infrared equipment to diagnose window leaks. FLIR thermal imaging cameras will spotlight leaks without invasive or damaging testing measures. We can also provide insight into the damage done by the leak and suggest solutions and even providers.

A window leak is too easy to miss. Still, when included as part of your Innovative Construction Solutions regular inspection, your Park Shore home in Naples, FL can be proactively maintained. Reach out today by calling (239) 384-5890 to reap the benefits we provide for your home care.