Finding the cause of the window leaks in your Naples, FL home is the first step in window leak repair. Innovative Construction Solutions can help you find the cause and provide an affordable and effective solution.

Innovative Construction Solutions is comprised of licensed general contractors in the State of Florida who provide superior technical and product knowledge for projects of all scales to homeowners and builders. We are industry experts who make customer satisfaction our #1 priority.

Window Leak Repair in Naples, FLWater damage from leaking windows won’t fix itself and, in all likelihood, the problem will just get worse. A problem that might be simple to fix today can easily turn into a large scale, expensive repair down the road.

Our team utilizes professional testing equipment to field test windows and doors on new construction projects to identify manufacturing and construction defects, pinpoint the cause of window leaks, and recommend effective solutions.

We also provide infrared imaging for window leak detection using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the highest quality infrared equipment in the industry. This minimally invasive test can quickly and non-destructively identify the source and location of a leak as well as the extent of moisture damaged areas.

What Causes Windows to Leak?

Several things can cause windows to leak, and poor installation is one of the most common. No matter how beautiful or energy efficient the windows are, if they are not installed properly, they can cause problems for your home. Other common problems include:

  • Improper sealing: Even the most expensive windows are no good without proper window sealing. Windows are most commonly sealed today with expanding foam, but the material has to be measured and applied accurately. If the installer uses too little foam, there will be air channels between the window and the wall where water can come through.
  • Missing/broken caulking: Caulk is used to seal air leaks, cracks, and gaps between window frames and is one of the most overlooked causes of window leaks. If your caulking is missing or broken at the window flange and seams, water can build up on the windows.
  • Poor glass seal: If you see condensation between panes of glass in a window, it means there is a bad seal. In this condition, the windows may look foggy, wet or dirty and will be far less energy efficient than when they were new.
  • Defective products: Although less common, window leaks can be caused by a manufacturing defect or damage caused to the product during shipping or installation. In most cases, the manufacturer is responsible for replacing the defective windows.

Keep in mind that water that seems to be the result of a leaking window may actually be coming from another source. It’s important to ensure that the source of the leak is not your home’s roof, exterior walls, or upstairs bathroom.

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