In Bonita Springs, FL, waterproofing services are as vital to the health of your home as sunscreen is to your physical health. Allow Innovative Construction Solutions to provide your home with the protection it needs to thrive within the subtropical climate of Southwestern Florida.

Waterproofing Services in Bonita Springs, FLInnovative Construction Solutions provides waterproofing for windows and doors, balconies and decks, tile and stone features, Hardie boards, exterior walls, below-grade features, and planters. Waterproofing protects these elements from the accumulation of moisture, rot, UV penetration, and water intrusion. We offer professional technicians who will collaborate with you to identify potential problems and diagnose preventative measures, issues, and repair methods.

We can apply protective coatings, wet seal, glazing, caulking, restoration, and sealing. The technicians that we hire, train, and send to our client’s homes are specially trained in all of these techniques and empowered with the best materials available for waterproofing measures.

Waterproofing contractors like Innovative Construction Solutions can carry out all the needed services. Whether your home has already sustained water damage or requires upgraded or replaced waterproofing measures, count on us to deliver services quickly, appropriately, and affordably.

As you search for waterproofing contractors, evaluate the following features:

  • Reputation – Neighbors, family, and friends can provide referrals and opinions. The internet can be a good source for reviews, as well as the BBB. As you go about doing your due diligence, make sure to include verifying the insurance, bonding, and licensing of your prospective waterproofing company.
  • Ability – Some signs of water intrusion are obvious, and others are surprisingly subtle. The professional waterproofer you hire should be able to detect these signs that are harder to spot, and they should have the skills and tools needed to identify the source of the water intrusion, the extent of the damage, and the best avenues for repair.
  • Accurate estimate and warranty – The waterproofing contractor you choose should provide an accurate cost breakdown and a warranty that stands behind the work done.

Innovative Construction Solutions is a subsidiary of BCB Homes with 25+ years of experience and all of the expected reputation assurances.

Book Waterproofing with Innovative Construction Solutions

Innovative Construction Solutions offers services to homeowners and contractors to provide the most suitable remediation and construction work possible. We offer a comprehensive catalog of services for home care, except mold abatement.

When clients choose Innovative Construction Solutions, they receive a company with all of the following features:

  • Professional expertise – we provide proven skill and experience based upon over 25 years in the industry;
  • Honesty – High-quality work for homeowners, contractors, attorneys, and insurance companies provided by Innovative Construction Solutions is based on a solid level of expertise and a dedication to integrity;
  • Final inspections – Every job culminates in a walkthrough where we make doubly and triply sure that our work is up to par;
  • Customer satisfaction and warranty – Our relationship doesn’t end when we leave a call; we strive to achieve satisfaction for every client and offer a full warranty for our work.

Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to reach out to Innovative Construction Solutions for waterproofing solutions in Bonita Springs, FL. Our efforts will make your home more durable and resistant to damage from regular wear, stormy conditions, flooding rains, and plumbing mishaps.