Are your water and/or energy bills higher than normal? Then you could benefit from water/air intrusion investigations in Port Royal, FL from Innovative Construction Solutions. Our professionals are true experts in all areas of building science, and we will pinpoint the precise location of any sort of water or air leak. Once you know the source of a problem, we can tell you the most effective methods of remediation.

The Innovative Construction Solutions Difference

Water/Air Intrusion Investigations Port Royal FLWe have the best commercial and residential remediation analysts in the business. Our team of engineers, designers, contractors and others will always be passionate about delivering the very best services available in the area. When you turn to us, you’ll be able to do so with complete confidence.

Window Leaks

A window leak is a very subtle form of water intrusion. If you see any signs of moisture anywhere close to your windowsills, or you see water stains near your windows, then get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions as soon as possible. Even though this might seem like a minor issue, over time it could lead to big problems. This might be happening because of missing caulk or sealant, or the windows have some sort of manufacturing defect.

Roof Leaks

A roof leak can be even subtler than a window leak. You might not have any idea it’s happening until severe damage has already occurred. It could be due to a hailstorm that punched holes in your roof, or your gutters are damaged or clogged. The flashing could have worn out, or a tree branch may have hit your roof. If you don’t take action, the damage will get extensive.

Air Leaks

If you have any reason to believe your air conditioner isn’t as efficient as it should be, the culprit could be an air intrusion. One way to tell is if your energy bill has spiked. When warm air gets into a building, the AC system experiences a lot more stress. When it has to work too hard, it runs too long. That, of course, translates to higher bills.

The Water/Air Intrusion Experts

Whether you’re having a moisture intrusion, an air intrusion, or both, we can help take care of the problem for good. We use the most advanced equipment available to precisely locate the source of a leak. We also used traditional testing methods to see where an air intrusion is occurring. These include the following:

  • Blower door test – We use this to check for any openings in any part of your building, such as the attic, roof, a wall or anything else.
  • Static pressure test – This test consists of taking measurements of indoor airflow. If areas have a high static pressure, they will be either colder or warmers than other parts of a building. This is usually due to a problem with the ductwork.
  • Zone pressure test – A zone pressure test is a measure of the effectiveness of a building in keeping cold air inside.

Ready to Learn More?

Let the experts with Innovative Construction Solutions take care of your water/air intrusion investigations. Once we’re done, you’ll know exactly why issues are occurring. We are passionate about customer satisfaction, and we are extremely effective at what we do. Learn more by contacting us online or giving us a call at (239) 384-5890.