Following a tropical storm or hurricane, Port Royal, FL, residents and business owners will need restoration services to recover from the damage. Innovative Construction Solutions provides inspection, repair, and construction services to expedite the process. If you’re wondering where to begin, the answer is to call us.

Storm Damage Restoration Services Port Royal, FLThe infrared inspections we provide are the only methods that will immediately determine the location and extent of defects. This information will arm you in your quest for normalcy.

The power of weather can be incredible. The wind, rain, and flooding from tropical storms leave behind a wide range of property damage, and prompt intervention and restoration will be critical to returning your property to its former glory. Quick repairs will prevent further damage from continued exposure through major or minor problems.

Cleaning Up When a Storm Hits

Innovative Construction Solutions is here to help begin the process of recovery after the storm. The aftermath of a hurricane is overwhelming; call in the experts to help identify the path forward. A comprehensive inspection that we provide will tell you the locations of damage, the extent of damage, the causes of damage, the prescribed repairs, and even the estimated costs.

We can also help with many of the repairs and construction efforts required.

Assisting the Insurance Community

After storms, insurance companies face real challenges. They require experts in building forensics to determine the scope and source of damage, and we at Innovative Construction Solutions are those experts. The faster insurance companies can process claims, the faster our neighbors can begin making repairs or rebuilding their homes.

Our clients commonly include insurance carriers, contractors, and property owners. The expertise that we bring to the table is well known.

The professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions include experts across the entirety of the building trades. Construction, design, architecture, engineering, and system professionals here provide over 25 years of experience. Allow us to help at a time when you need it most.

Advanced Technology for Structural Assessment

Our inspections rely on FLIR thermal imaging cameras and other proven inspection methods that use technology and expertise. These techniques include all of the following:

  • Moisture and air infiltration evaluations
  • Blower-door depressurization
  • Moisture mapping
  • Gauging temperature and humidity
  • Roof examinations
  • Mechanical system testing

Following a storm, our methods will allow you to be sure that all damages are identified and repaired. Overlooking hidden defects will lead to costly, extensive damage down the road. Call us today to ensure that storms have not breached your exterior building envelope, caused interior damage, intruded into the roof, or damaged any of your building systems.

Innovative Construction Solutions offers various remediation and construction services, except mold abatement. We can identify that problem, but we can only direct you toward a potential abatement provider. Following our inspections, we will provide a comprehensive report so you know where your recovery should proceed.

For timely and precise storm damage restoration services in Port Royal, FL, call on Innovative Construction Solutions at (239) 384-5890 or contact us online by following this link. Our mission is to see our community recover and our clients enjoy the peace of mind from knowing their homes are in competent hands.