Roofing leak inspection services provided by Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL, can head off extensive damage that a small, unnoticed leak could cause. 

Booking a professional inspection annually is key to protecting the uppermost layer of the building envelope. Innovative Construction Solutions offers 25 years of experience and the support of our parent company, BCB Homes, when catering to our client’s needs.

Roofing Leak Inspection Services in Naples, FLOur highly experienced team provides a broad spectrum of remediation and construction services. Regarding roofing specifically, we offer roof repair, repair of storm and hurricane damage, prevention of water intrusion, and complete roof replacement.

Are professional services really necessary?

In short, yes. Not only are roof inspections too dangerous for the untrained layperson to perform, but they also need the expertise and experience of a professional to spot weaknesses and damages in roofs. Many trouble spots are hidden and difficult to recognize without special detection methods and instruments.

Keep problems from growing in expense and scale by booking regular inspections with Innovative Construction Solutions. 

Benefit from Professional Level Knowledge and Experience

When choosing an inspection company, consider what others have to say. Read reviews, check with the BBB, and ask questions of your neighbors. The team at Innovative Construction Solutions will be happy to provide you with our credentials, and we’re sure our reputation will impress. 

Benefit from High-End Roofing Materials

Professionals can distinguish between average and high quality and have a keen eye for quality materials at discounted rates. Companies like Innovative Construction Solutions use only the finest materials. We specialize in all roofs, including concrete, clay, slate, flat, and metal roofs. 

Benefit from Financial Savings and a Home-Protective Warranty

Professional inspections offer long-term financial benefits. They’ll save you from needless expenses due to damage and provide you with a promise of performance. These assurances aren’t possible with DIY roofing inspections or repair attempts.

Benefit from an Extended Roof Lifespan

A well-maintained roof will enjoy a life of up to 50 years. An essential part of maintenance is regular inspections and appropriate follow-through. When you keep up with the care of your roof, you’ll avoid the expenditure of a new roof.

Benefit from Easier Insurance Filing

Stuff happens. Weather events or other circumstances that cause damage require you to file an insurance claim. Professionals like Innovative Construction Solutions offer expedited filings. In fact, we regularly lend our expertise to both legal and insurance professionals. 

Benefit from Convenience and Promptness

Professional roofing services save you from spending your weekend trying to guess the location of problematic roofing areas and trying to resolve them. We use thermal imaging technology to quickly pinpoint the trouble spots and well-staffed crews to complete repairs promptly. 

Benefit from Greater Levels of Safety

Do-it-yourselfers lack the safety equipment and training needed to perform roof repairs safely. Not only do you risk injuring yourself, but you’ll also risk damaging the roof while walking around on it. 

Innovative Construction Solutions provides roofing leak inspection services in Naples, FL. Save yourself the time, money, and aggravation of handling roofing concerns on your own. Reach out today by calling (239) 384-5890 or contacting us online by following this link.