Preventing balcony and deck leaks with effective waterproofing is an essential service for home and condo owners in Southwest Florida. Innovative Construction Solutions has the expertise and technique required for success.

Preventing Balcony & Deck Leaks with Effective WaterproofingFailing to upkeep the integrity of the home’s balcony and deck can be a genuine safety issue. The risks of this result are very real given the environment in Southwest Florida, where sun exposure, heavy rains, and temperature extremes are expected. Allow Innovative Construction Solutions to provide incredible waterproofing and regular inspections to spot issues before they expand.

Causes of Balcony Leaks

Any discussion of balcony and deck leaks should begin with understanding what makes up the structure. The frame will be made of metal or wood with cladding that covers the frame, a waterproofing membrane sub-surface, and a masonry surface like concrete, stone, or tile.

Water intrusion generally comes through the surface and is then stopped by the waterproofing membrane, but if this membrane fails, water damage will begin and continue until an intervention occurs. Therefore, damage to the surface itself is always a risk without a surface waterproofing measure.

Common Culprits for Balcony and Deck Leaks

The porosity of Masonry Surface of Balcony or Deck – The surface materials of the structure are typically not waterproof. They permit water infiltration to the membrane, so sealant applied to the surface is essential to the health of the surface and the waterproofing membrane below it.

Failure of the Waterproofing Membrane – The membrane that lies sub-surface is meant to protect the frame from water damage, and it generally functions for 5-10 years. Once it is no longer effective, the structure is vulnerable to water intrusion. The most common reason for the failure of the membrane is inappropriate installation.

Surface Damage to the Structure – Cracks and breaks in the surface material can also lead to water damage to the structure and should be repaired and waterproofed as soon as possible.

Inadequate Water Management – Pooling water, environmental and weather damage, and bad drainage are all potential causes of water damage to your deck or balcony.

Thermal Expansion – When temperatures rise and fall, or water saturates materials, they expand and contract, eventually leading to degradation. Efflorescence, when moisture causes the minerals to dissolve within masonry, is another cause of this damage.

Call Innovative Construction Solutions for Waterproofing Measures

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We specialize in waterproofing balconies and decks using various methods, including the applications of protective coatings, wet seal and glazing, restoration, and sealing. The processes we apply last and perform in a manner that surpasses your expectations.

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