When your pool deck develops water drainage problems, it is more than a safety issue; the situation can damage the pool, landscaping, and even the Fort Myers, FL, home you love. Innovative Construction Solutions offers cost-effective and comprehensive services to keep your home in perfect condition.

Pool Deck Water Drainage Problems Fort Myers, FLInvest in the value of your home by identifying minor issues early before they have time to cause significant structural damage. With regular inspections followed by reports that recommend remediation, you will be positioned for premier home care. The catalog of services we provide at Innovative Construction Solutions provides homeowners with reassurance without effort.

Water Around the Pool

Seeing water on your pool decking may be no surprise if it is used frequently by serious splashers. However, water that fails to drain from the deck and puddles around the pool will lead to serious problems. In addition to safety problems when walking around the pool, lingering water can cause the pool water to become dirty, accumulate, and be misdirected into expensive landscaping, or cause the drain system of the pool to fail, leading water to erode the area around the home’s foundation.

Monitor for These Red Flags (Or include this option in your inspection package):

  • Puddles on the Decking – Failure to drain water from the pool deck is a slipping hazard and a leading cause of an impossible to clean pool.
  • Pool Drainage Toward the Home or into Landscaping – When water no longer drains in the appropriate direction, the problem must be corrected to prevent permanent structural damage and landscaping ruin.
  • Obvious Breakage or Damage – Our technicians will inspect the drain to check for damage.
  • Efflorescence build-up on the decking can indicate poor water management.

Repairing the slope may resolve the problem if the deck has eroded. Otherwise, arrange for the installation of an appropriate drain system. Bear in mind that this problem may seem simple, but the root cause could be much deeper.

The Strip Drain is a drain system that consists of a metal grate over a trench. This trench will flow away from the home to prevent foundation damage.

A spot drain is another solution used when the strip drain option is inappropriate or impossible. Round drains connected in a piping network will quickly direct water away from the pool deck to prevent puddling and damage.

A French drain is the best solution for significant volumes of water flowing into landscaping. To install, technicians will dig a pit, install a drain pipe, and fill the pipe with gravel. This system will prevent water from overwhelming the landscaping.

Entrust Innovative Construction Solutions to return your pool decking to proper functionality. No matter the size of the job, we will provide timely and effective results. This type of job is one that you should leave to experts; the foundation of the home and the decking must be sound before any further build.

For the prevention or repair of water drainage problems on the pool deck of your luxury home in Fort Myers, FL, call Innovative Construction Solutions. Our elite team of building science specialists will diagnose and repair any issues found. Learn more about our entire catalog of services online or by reaching out to (239) 384-5890.