Mold & water damage assessments of property in the Naples, FL, area are essential as part of ownership in this climate. Innovative Construction Solutions will assess your home, identify mold, diagnose the source, and provide suggestions for mold abatement. We don’t, however, provide mold remediation ourselves.

Mold & Water Damage Assessments Naples, FLWhen water remediation doesn’t happen as quickly as it should, mold will result. Cleanup after a storm, flood, or leak should be thorough and fast. The first 24 hours are critical to the successful mitigation of mold. 

If the situation prevents you from taking care of a leak or standing water immediately, testing and remediation will come into play. We can offer inspection services that identify moisture and mold. Call Innovative Construction Solutions for a fast and expert response.

The Expertise of Innovative Construction Solutions

Innovative Construction Solutions is qualified to meet your inspection, remediation, and construction needs. Our skills and knowledge are excellent; we often serve as analysts, experts, and providers for the legal and insurance sectors. Our catalog of services includes inspecting the building envelope for leakage of water or air.

Identifying the Source of Mold

Interior mold comes when moisture exists within the home without mitigation. The building envelope’s completeness prevents the moisture necessary for mold to grow. The specialists here at Innovative Construction Specialists will find the moisture, where it seeps through, and any presence of mold. We use advanced thermal imaging and classic and proven techniques, including air and water infiltration testing, moisture mapping, humidity and temp checks, roof inspections, and mechanical systems evaluations.

The Risks of Unabated Mold Growth

Mold matters when it’s in your home. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also damaging. 

As fungi grow and reproduce, spores will be released into the air. They will spread all over the home, through ducts and air, within walls, and anywhere else moisture exists to support the development of the spores into mold. More mold equals more spores. The extent of the health problems will depend on the type of mold that grows and can range from simple allergies and frequent sinus infections to death from respiratory complications.

The structural damage from mold may include the deterioration of the frame, the sheetrock, wooden flooring, wall finishes, and furniture. In some instances, an entire structural gutting may become necessary.

Innovative Construction Solutions doesn’t offer mold abatement services, but we do identify its presence and cause, and we can refer you to experts we trust to remediate your mold situation appropriately.

Why Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

  • Over 25 years of experience and a close relationship with BCB Homes, Southwest Florida’s premier builder
  • Stellar reputation among the property owners, contractors, and professionals with whom we work
  • Integrity marks every project of Innovative Construction Solutions 
  • Competitive rates, dedication to customer support, clear communication, and rigorous standards govern every project we take on

Assessments for mold & water damage to your property in Naples, FL, will provide the information you need to identify issues and arrange treatment. Innovative Construction Solutions will find any coverage gap, and we can repair the building envelope and provide references for stellar mold mitigators. For your place on our schedule, book today by calling (239) 384-5890 or completing this online contact form.