Once mold sneaks its way into your Naples, FL, home, you will find that it reproduces and spreads quickly, leading to damage and the need for restoration. While Innovative Construction Solutions does not provide mold remediation, we do offer inspection and intervention methods that will prevent mold infiltration in the first place.

What Causes Mold?

Mold Damage Restoration Naples, FLMold requires water to grow. It can occur following damage from a storm, a broken pipe, or unchecked and chronic high interior humidity. Innovative Construction Solutions offers services that will identify even the smallest leaks in the building envelope to keep unwelcome moisture from entering the home. Of course, avoiding mold is the easiest way to treat it.

What to Expect from Mold Restoration and Remediation?

Restoration from mold is different from traditional repair. Special protective gear and special skills are required, and the process needs to be contained to prevent the spread of mold through reproductive spores. If you require this service, we can provide contact information for professionals in the field.

What Makes Mold So Bad?

While water itself can cause severe damage all on its own, it’s generally easy to identify, but mold can go unnoticed until it spreads throughout the home. The unchecked propagation of mold will continue with the health consequences to your family growing, the wooden frame of the home rotting, and the systems of the home failing.

The health risks of mold depend on the individual and the species of mold. Most people will have allergic responses to even mild molds, but toxic molds can cause severe health problems, even death.

Avoid the Mold Issue Altogether

The best way to deal with mold is to avoid it. Mold spores travel through the air at all times, and the only things required for the fungi to grow are food and water. By controlling the presence of moisture and humidity, we at Innovative Construction Solutions can help you avoid mold.

Our team at Innovative is experienced, skilled, and prepared with the tools and strategies needed to identify and repair penetration problems quickly.

What to Do to Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

From life in a humid climate to unnoticed roof damage, minor plumbing issues, condensation from the A/C, and the porosity of concrete slabs, the causes of mold issues in Naples homes are many.

Make a point of following these simple rules to keep your indoor humidity level under 60% to minimize the opportunities for mold to develop:

  • Close windows and doors when the A/C runs.
  • Do not hang wet clothes to dry inside the home.
  • Use the exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathrooms when bathing, showering, cooking, or washing dishes.
  • Do not use a humidifier within the home when humidity is high.
  • Avoid going overboard with the number of indoor plants you have, and avoid overwatering them.
  • Replace A/C filters monthly.
  • Be vigilant and watchful regarding signs of water leaks or mold.
  • Schedule regular inspections from Innovative Construction Solutions to fix any minor issue that has the potential to cause more significant problems.

Avoid the expense and frustration of mold damage restoration by protecting the building envelope of your Naples, FL, home with the help of Innovative Construction Solutions. For any of our inspection, remediation, or construction services, reach out to us online by following this link or via phone by calling (239) 384-5890.