Searching for moisture testing services “near me” in Southwest Florida? Look no further than Innovative Construction Solutions. Water can destroy a home quickly or over an extended period, but we can help identify issues and repair them, whether minute or substantial.

Moisture Testing Services Near MeBattling moisture is one of the most essential duties of a homeowner. This part of the world is particularly vulnerable since we experience frequent storms and high humidity levels. In addition to using the finest materials and building processes for your home, regular monitoring and maintenance are also required to make sure that water doesn’t intrude into the house or fail to drain correctly.

Water management’s ultimate point is to direct moisture away from the home structure. By leveraging gravity, the grade and features of the home are manipulated in such a way as to promote water shedding away from the house.

Poor moisture management should be a primary suspect if you’ve seen efflorescence, water spots on ceilings or walls, mold or mildew, moist areas, paint damage, or corrosion within your home.

We specialize in identifying the source of poor water management, analyzing the situation, identifying the most appropriate solution, and implementing a drainage plan that promotes a dry, long-lived home.

Testing for moisture is essential for property owners, and Innovative Construction Solutions provides this service well. Our service will help prevent water damage, keeping your home in sound condition with healthier air.

Common testing options include infrared thermography, electrical resistance, and pinpoint testing. The thermal infrared testing we rely on finds even the most minor gaps in the moisture protective barrier.

By finding moisture issues at their start, we can repair them before real damage occurs. If you delay moisture testing, the result can be home destruction that can become expensive and extensive.

A home’s building envelope is the exterior layer of protection – walls, roof, floor, etc. The layers of materials and how they’re installed ought to be airtight, keeping water from permeating the home. A small gap in this coverage can allow water to enter drip-drops at a time. The result can be disastrous.

The advanced thermal imaging technology used by Innovative Construction Solutions allows us to find the source of the water intrusion, its precise location, and the extent of the damage. This FLIR thermal imaging camera can also identify issues with wiring, infestation, insulation, etc.

Whether your home requires roof repair, upgraded windows, enhanced waterproofing, or other methods to avoid water intrusion, keeping up with these maintenance demands can lengthen the life of your home.

Allow our team to inspect your home regularly.

The building professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions will perform all of the evaluations required to find moisture problems, and we can then remediate them. The only issue we can’t resolve is mold. We can identify it and repair the damage done to abate it, but we can’t perform the abatement. If we identify mold, we can refer you to a mold specialist.

Moisture testing services near me are as close as Innovative Construction Solutions for residents of Southwest Florida. Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book this service or any of our building-related remediation and construction services.