Innovative Construction Solutions offers luxury wood flooring installation for homeowners throughout Naples, FL. In addition, we provide a wide range of construction and remediation services based on extensive expertise, experience, and quality materials.

Luxury Wood Flooring Naples, FLThe team of Innovative Construction Solutions consists of experienced Florida-authorized general contractors who meet the needs of all types of homeowners and commercial builders. From construction to remediation, inspection, expert guidance, and beyond, count on us to perform with the same high standards as our parent company BCB Homes.

Secure Durable and Appealing Results with Professional Flooring Installation

No matter the type of flooring you choose to have in your home, make sure you choose professional installation. Without trustworthy professionals behind the process, you risk the look and life of your floor, whether you choose carpet, tile, hardwood, luxury plank, or stone. Achieve success by hiring Innovative Construction Solutions to handle the process. We bring every element required for a pleasing and lasting result.

Experience – Professionals from Innovative Construction Solutions offer skills gained through years of experience. Your home should not be a novice installer’s stepping stone. The results are too important.

Top-Notch Appearance – Installation is key to achieving the best aesthetic results. Don’t risk ruining the results with fine materials and poor installation.

Ease – You lead a busy life. So why waste your time with installers who don’t take that time seriously? Proven professionals from Innovative Construction Solutions will handle your project with as little disruption to your life as possible, sticking to schedule and budget.

Durability – When professionals initially install flooring well, the structure is more likely to last for years. If mistakes pop up early, they’re generally harbingers of things to come. Avoid costly repairs in the future by choosing professionals at the beginning.

Home Value – The flooring of your home is critical to the property’s overall value, so the quality of the installation will directly affect the appraisal value. However, investing in quality materials is only half the battle; you must also secure capable and proven installation providers.

Warranty Demands – Many material producers require professional installation as part of the warranty. These manufacturers recognize that expert installation is essential to maintaining the integrity of the materials. When you’ve invested in high-quality flooring, you want to ensure that nothing voids that warranty protection.

Innovative Construction Solutions specializes in flooring processes. We recognize that small mistakes will plague your home far into the future.

We know the proper techniques to use depending on the foundation type and the flooring material.

We also understand how to appropriately cut, size, space, and place flooring materials. If you’ve ever had an issue with mismatched seams or patterns, you know those small mistakes will become the minor annoyances that tarnish your love of your home.

The team at Innovative Construction Solutions has plenty of experience fixing the poor work of other construction companies and ambitious DIYers. So allow us to handle the job, performing it right the first time.

Are you a homeowner or a professional home builder interested in the professional installation of luxury wood flooring in Naples, FL? Look no further than Innovative Construction Solutions. Reach out today with questions or schedule a meeting by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here.