You need leak detection services in Park Shore, Naples FL if you have any reason to suspect you either have moisture intruding into your home or commercial building. The skilled professionals with Innovative Construction Solutions use the most sophisticated equipment, as well as leak detection methods that have stood the test of time. We’ll find the precise location of a leak, and then recommend the most efficient plan of action to fix the problem once and for all.

How Leak Detection Technology Has Advanced Through the Years

Leak Detection Services Park Shore, Naples FLIt can be extremely difficult for the untrained person to know exactly where a leak is coming from. There are plenty of leaks that are very subtle, and can be hard to find as a result. In the “old days,” which really weren’t that long ago, plumbers had to use destructive methods to find a leak. They had to tear out drywall, flooring, and, in some cases, even rip out plants, shrubs and grass.

The worst part about this approach – other than the damage, of course – was that not even the plumber knew if it would actually work. If they couldn’t find it in one spot, they’d have to tear out even more flooring, drywall and landscaping in hopes of finding it in another.

Those days are long gone – thank goodness. In the last few years, innovative manufacturers have created technology that eliminates those invasive, “seek and destroy” methods of leak detection. Innovative Construction Solutions uses this technology to precisely pinpoint the exact spot where a leak is occurring.

No more tearing out walls, no more tearing up backyards – whether the leak is coming from the roof, a window, or any other part of your home or building, we’ll find it.

Why Spotting a Water Leak Quickly is So Important

There are some instances, of course, where a water leak is very obvious. It could be an accumulation of water by the dishwasher, the washing machine, or one of your toilets. That makes it easy to figure out why the leak is happening and how to fix the problem causing the leak.

Most of the time, however, leaks are hard to find – without the technology we use at Innovative Construction Solutions. A leak could be due to a problem with your roof, or it could be coming from a tiny part of your window. It could be in the ceiling or inside a wall.

Leaks can come out of the blue, but they’ll often gradually develop over time. Some takes days to develop, while others take weeks. It can sometimes take years before a leak will become apparent. But when they happen, they can do a lot of damage – so much so, they can threaten the structural integrity of a house or a commercial building. They can also lead to mold – a horrible problem that can cost thousands of dollars to get rid of.

The earlier you spot a leak, the earlier you can take action to take those risks out of the equation. We’ll come to your location, perform a thorough inspection, and find the source of the leak. Then, we’ll show you exactly what has to be done to provide a long-term solution to the problem.

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