Keep your Captiva, FL, home leak-free and healthy with infrared leak detection from Innovative Construction Solutions.

Be Proactive about Leak Detection

Infrared Leak Detection Captiva, FLA slow leak can cause significant water damage before visual evidence is visible. Take a proactive approach to home care by scheduling routine inspections for leaks. Finding them early will allow you to fix them before the necessary steps become more expansive and expensive. The longer you wait, the larger the leak and the damage will be. Innovative Construction Solutions uses advanced technology, such as a FLIR thermal imaging scanning camera, to find the precise location of water damage and the leaks causing it.

Thermal imaging isn’t limited to water leaks, however. We can use this technology to discover other issues with your building envelope, such as thermal energy loss, wiring hot spots, pest infestations, and insulation degradation.

Water Intrusion and Your Home

Water entering your home through the roof, wall, windows, or even your home’s slab can be damaging, especially if it’s not noticed early. Finding a leak on your own, even once you see it, can be tricky. The place where the leak seems to be may be where gravity leads the water to land.

Infrared inspections can find the exact spot where the water enters the home. Once we’ve performed detection service, we will provide you with a thorough report that you can use for insurance purposes and to find a repair provider. You can also choose Innovative Construction Solutions as your repair provider. We offer a wide range of remediation and construction services.

Why Innovative Construction Solutions?

At Innovative Construction Solutions, we offer 25+ years of experience and the support of our parent company, BCB Homes. We honor our legacy with a dedicated work ethic and expansive expertise. In fact, we routinely provide services to professionals in the building industry, offering guidance and analysis, expert testimony, and forensic evaluations for contractors, architects, attorneys, and insurance adjustors.

Why Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging inspections are superior to traditional methods for several reasons. This type of inspection operates by detecting fluctuations in heat levels. The areas where change occurs indicate a problem. We can find the leak, tell how much damage has been done, and identify the precise areas of damage – all without opening walls, pulling up floors, or causing any other damage.

The precision of the results allows for a less invasive solution as well. Less damage in the repair means a less expensive fix! Schedule thermal inspections regularly and if you notice signs of a leak. Southwest Florida’s climate is brutal on structures, so staying on top of potential problems can save quite a headache.

FYI about Innovative Construction Solutions

  • An array of proactive, reactive, and constructive building services
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Licensed, certified, and proven specialists in the construction arena
  • 25+ years of experience in the field
  • On-demand service when emergencies arise
  • Expectation surpassing customer service and performance
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