In anticipation of hurricane season in Port Royal, Naples, FL, call on Innovative Construction Solutions for the installation of shutters and screens. The team here will carefully and skillfully apply your chosen storm protection, providing you with peace of mind when it matters the most.

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Hurricane Shutter & Screens Port Royal, Naples, FLWhether you’re a homeowner needing construction or remediation, a professional home builder in need of expertise, or a legal or insurance professional needing building-related testimony or analysis, come to Innovative Construction Solutions.

We are a daughter company of BCB Homes, so you can rest assured that we provide the same quality and dedication. Recognizing that we serve an area with frequent storming conditions, one of our specialties is the installation of protective gear for the home.

We operate in the world of structures, providing remediation and construction for homeowners and builders and expert guidance and analysis for other builders and professionals in the insurance and legal fields.

Hurricane Protection through Screens and Shutters

As you anticipate the yearly hurricane season, prepare by calling on the team at Innovative Construction Solutions. We can install the screens or shutters you choose to protect your property.

Properties of Hurricane Screens

Hurricane screens protect areas as small as traditional windows and larger areas like patios, balconies, and wall-length windows with materials that resist the strength of hurricane-force winds. Once hurricane screens are professionally installed by the techs here at Innovative Construction Solutions, you’ll be able to deploy the screens quickly when needed. Being transparent, hurricane screens allow light to come into the home and enable you to keep an eye on the sky.

If you choose hurricane screens in line with Miami-Dade guidelines, this designation indicates that the screens are rated for winds up to 276 mph, large impact, and wind pressure.

 Types of Hurricane Screens

  • Buckle and Strap System
  • Roll-Up System
  • I-Beam Track System
  • Grommet System
  • Hem cord System

Properties of Hurricane Shutters

Another form of hurricane protection is hurricane shutters. They also prevent wind-driven objects and hard winds from entering the home. Innovative Construction Solutions regularly provides the installation for these measures on new homes or existing homes.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

  • Roll-Down Systems – These systems are efficient in that they protect during storms, but they will also provide additional security, noise cancelation, and room darkening attributes for the home. Depending on your preferences, roll-down shutters can be operated through either an electric motor or a hand crank. However, we highly suggest a battery backup for those who choose the electric option.
  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters – This type of hurricane protection operates as vertical slats, permanently affixed within a stainless steel system to roll open and closed like a curtain. These systems are simple to work and provide maximum protection, but they must be serviced annually before hurricane season.
  • Bahama Hurricane Shutters – These shutters have the aesthetic of wood slat shutters, providing excellent protection from storms without sacrificing the home’s appearance.

Get real about hurricane season and invest in protection for your property. Call on Innovative Construction Solutions for the installation of hurricane shutters and screens for your Port Royal home in Naples, FL. Learn more today by following this link to contact us online or give us a ring at (239) 384-5890.