Inspection & repair of damage to your Park Shore home in Naples, FL, should be the top priorities following a hurricane. Innovative Construction Solutions provides a team of diverse professionals to provide the reassurance and restoration services you need after a storm occurs.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage Inspection & Repair in Park Shore, Naples, FLHurricanes are rotating storms that begin over the ocean and grow in strength as they roll across the ocean’s heat. When they hit landfall, the incredible winds, deluge of rain, and high storm surge can create substantial damage. 

A residence in the path of a hurricane may experience damage to the roof, broken doors and windows, and water damage. 

Roof damage from a hurricane may range from slight shingle damage to a few holes or a complete cave-in. Damage to the roof needs to be fixed immediately to limit the structural damage and mold/mildew growth that will continue to worsen as long as water can enter.

Storm shields and screens can protect doors and windows, but they’re not foolproof. Wind-driven projectiles can break the glass and damage the frame surrounding doors and windows. The technicians here at Innovative Construction Solutions specialize in installing, inspecting, and repairing windows and doors.

Flooding from heavy rains and storm surges occurs with many hurricanes. When the home’s building envelope suffers damage, it becomes vulnerable to water intrusion. Flood waters carry germs, waste, and other toxins, so as soon as the waters recede, you must remove absorbent materials from the home. 

The Process of Hurricane Recovery

Recovering from a hurricane can be so overwhelming that you’re unsure where to begin. We suggest that you first call us at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Safety – The safety of yourself, your family, neighbors, and emergency crews should come first, above any property concerns. When allowed to enter the community, be aware of potential hazards, including stagnant waters, debris, and live power lines.

Call in Professionals – At this point, you should take measures to protect your property, whether that means steps you can take personally or professional intervention. We suggest you always have an inspection completed to identify damage that you might otherwise overlook until the problem grows obvious.

File a Claim – With your home secured, contact your insurance company. You’ll need to make a list, take photos, and reach out to your insurance agent. 

Home Repair – Once your home has been inspected, the time to restore it to pre-storm conditions will begin. We at Innovative Construction Solutions can provide all of the remediation services needed, other than mold abatement. Flooding conditions can result in mold, and we can diagnose the problem, the extent of the problem, and how you can prevent mold from returning. We can also provide referrals for mold specialists with the needed equipment for mold removal.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions for our professionalism, experience, and proven track record. We are licensed and insured, and our efforts will provide you with a guiding force and peace of mind in a time of chaos.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides hurricane damage inspection & repair in the Park Shore community of Naples, FL, and can help you secure your home immediately following a storm and then navigate the insurance process and achieve a complete restoration. Call us today at (239) 384-5890 to secure our help recovering from destruction.