Following a hurricane, begin recovery with construction damage inspection and repair from Innovative Construction Solutions, LLC, in Naples, FL. We operate with professionalism, experience, and expertise and are here to make an overwhelming situation manageable.

The Range of Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Construction Damage Inspection & Repair Naples, FLSustained high winds and endless rains from hurricanes result in devastation throughout the affected area. The exterior envelope – the roof, exterior walls, windows, and doors – experience the brunt of the impact and the most damage. When dealing with hurricanes, much of the damage may be hidden, and a thorough inspection should occur to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the building or home.

The team here at Innovative Construction Solutions brings the expertise needed to provide these checks regarding cracks in ceilings or walls; damaged roofs, doors, and windows; sloping, weak floors; and more.

Innovative Construction Solutions’ Post-Hurricane Inspections

From basement areas to masonry, crawl spaces, exterior walls, foundations, roofs, interior walls, doors, windows, and more, all areas of the home need to be checked well.

The team we provide can determine the extent of repairs needed after a hurricane. Rather than relying on your visual inspection, allow our team to perform professional inspections based on expertise and infrared technology. We will provide a comprehensive report following the inspection outlining how much damage is found, what caused the damage, recommended repairs, and how much we anticipate the repairs to cost.

Clients of Innovative Construction Solutions can rely on us to deliver accurate inspections and appropriate repairs for homes following hurricanes. We specialize in identifying the obvious and hidden faults with homes in coastal areas, particularly those caused by wind and water events.

The FLIR thermal imaging cameras we use at Innovative Construction Solutions, LLC, are the most advanced in the industry and can detect minute damage that might otherwise go unnoticed. This technology can detect all of the following issues:

  • Energy Loss
    • Thermal energy crossing through ceilings, walls, floors, windows, and doors
    • Problems with HVAC systems
    • A/C compressor leaks
    • Structural issues
    • Damaged seals
    • Moisture intrusion
  • Plumbing Leaks
    • Roof leaks
    • Damaged insulation
    • Intrusion causing mold and structural damage
  • Electrical Issues
    • Circuit breaker damage
    • Overloaded circuits
    • Overheated equipment and components
    • Potential for fire

Without this specialized technology, inspectors are limited to traditional methods that can miss quite a bit of damage.

Advantages of Infrared Inspections after a Hurricane

  • Accuracy and speed
  • Detection of energy loss, water and air leaks, moisture infiltration, and electrical issues
  • Absence of damage
  • Affordable

Provision of Repair and Construction

With an understanding of what needs to be done to your home, choose Innovative Construction Solutions for repair or even new construction. As a daughter company of BCB Homes, we have expertise in providing solutions to diagnosed problems. Weatherproofing, window and door installation, and roofing are a few of our services.

Mold and mildew are common issues after widespread flooding, and while we do not provide remediation services, we can provide references and perform the post-remediation construction and repairs.

Innovative Construction Solutions offers construction, damage inspection, and repair in Naples, FL, following a hurricane event. For more information, contact us by following this link or calling (239)384-5890 for a speedy return to home and normalcy.