Naples, Florida’s subtropical climate, is undoubtedly part of the area’s charm. Learning how to control moisture in your home is essential to living in this area. Innovative Construction Solutions can be your saving grace in this arena. We can identify moisture in your home, pinpoint its source, and suggest the most appropriate solutions.

How to Control Humidity in your Naples, Florida HomeOur experience extends across 25+ years in the building trades. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes, we’re committed to excellence. As such, we routinely provide remediation and construction services to homeowners and contractors in the area and our professional expertise to contractors, attorneys, and insurance professionals who operate in the building sector.

Control Indoor Residential Humidity

Exhaust Fans

Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are there for a reason. Use them when cooking or showering to direct moisture outside of the home. These fans can also help mitigate humidity in a home interior during exceptionally high humidity levels. This habit alone can mitigate a significant amount of moisture in your home. Considering the importance of this one simple home system, ensure your exhaust fans are functional. Should they stop working, don’t ignore the issue. Have them repaired as quickly as possible.


A tightly sealed building envelope is ideal for energy efficiency and protection from moisture intrusion. Unfortunately, that incredibly helpful protection can also trap elements that need to exit the home. Breathing causes the moisture. Cooking and showering create vapor that condenses, and everything from cleaning counters to securing our hairstyle employs chemicals sprayed into the air. Ventilation is the way to remove these trapped pollutants from a home.

The ideal ventilation system for your home may include operating fans regularly with open windows or installing an energy recovery ventilator. The team at Innovative Construction Solutions can inspect your home and suggest and implement the most appropriate ventilation solution.


The ideal humidity within a home should range from 40-60%. If other efforts fail, a humidifier, installed as part of your ductwork system or as a stand-alone unit, can accomplish this goal for you.

Why It Matters

Extended humidity within your home is expected in this remarkable part of the world! Trade-offs, right? Sure, humidity is a given, but if you allow it to linger for an extended period, the results will be devastatingly expensive: buckled and warped flooring, peeling paint, mold and mildew, frame corrosion, etc.

Innovative Construction Solutions specializes in offering answers to problems like these. We will find the source of excess humidity and stop it—whether that means repairing a leak, improving ventilation, or installing a dehumidifier. Rather than take a wait-and-see approach to your home’s and your family’s health, reach out to our team today.

Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to learn more about controlling humidity in your Naples, Florida, home. Life in paradise should be easy, and we strive to ensure that homeowners in the area enjoy their remarkable homes effortlessly without sacrificing any quality of their property for quality of life. We offer a wide range of inspection, remediation, and construction services; contact us today to become a hands-free homeowner!