Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, Florida, provides basic and extensive home remodeling and a wide range of inspection and construction services. Allow us to perfect your home in a way that meets your family’s needs in terms of size, lifestyle, and budget.

Home Remodeling Naples, FloridaHave you looked around your home and realized the aesthetic looks a bit dated? Do you have repair projects that need to be addressed? Would you like to incorporate a few modern features into your home?

The team at Innovative Construction Solutions awaits the opportunity to improve your living space with additional space, added storage, upgraded cabinets, counters, appliances, and fixtures, a custom-designed floor plan, enhanced energy efficiency, and increased appraisal value. Invest in your greatest asset by remodeling with the professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of a remodel? Allow us to provide some guidance for beginning your remodeling plans well.


Your English teacher got it right. Before creating a rough draft for an essay or a remodeling design plan, you should brainstorm to develop a list of the features and changes that you would like to see. Then, you can narrow down this list by prioritizing needs and preferences. Options you have during a remodel range from adjusting the home’s layout to incorporating additional natural light, creating purpose-filled zones within the home, embracing a “smart” home setup, and customizing the design to suit your household’s lifestyle.


Walking patterns, furnishings, use, mobility needs, and other circumstances will affect the movement within a given space, and these factors must go into the planning stages. Our team has a level of familiarity with building design needs that will come in handy when you need to identify potential problems.

Energy Efficiency

Your effect on the climate should always be foremost when planning the design of a home. Energy efficiency can be enhanced by choosing windows and doors, appliances, HVAC systems, insulation, building envelope, and landscaping. Include upgrades to energy efficiency as priorities for your home remodel. Your conscience and your wallet will thank you.

DIY Potential

Do you have the DIY urge? Doing so can be pretty gratifying if you can handle a few remodeling tasks. The sense of accomplishment is real when the outcome is successful. However, be aware that ⅓ of remodeling projects professionals like us perform began as DIY projects.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions from the beginning for a smooth experience, or call on us if a task you attempted becomes a situation you can’t resolve.

Style Cohesion

When planning your design, keep the aesthetic unified. Contemporary or rustic, traditional, or coastal, the design style within your home should be consistent. Too many different styles cause a disjointed and jarring experience. Innovative Construction Solutions will ensure that the style remains consistent and that the final result pairs seamlessly with the home.

Innovative Construction Solutions will deliver quality work for your home, from thermal imaging inspections for building envelope analysis to advanced building techniques and expert-level craftsmanship. Return your home to the jewel it should be with our renovation services.

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