Before you scour through all the responses to your search engine query looking for home remodeling contractors near me, consider Innovative Construction Solutions around Naples, Florida. We have the skill and experience to elevate your home with a customized and superior touch.

Home Remodeling Contractors Near MeIf you’re planning a significant remodel, you might need clarification on what to expect. How long will your life be in upheaval? How can you protect yourself from disappointment? What features, materials, and techniques will provide the most bang for your buck? Allow the team at Innovative Construction Solutions to provide you with a handy guide regarding remodeling.

Five Stages of Remodeling Projects

The project will include five stages, no matter how small or large your remodeling plan is. We at Innovative Construction Solutions will ensure you are fully informed and involved during every stage.

1st Stage: PLANS

The planning stage is critical to remodeling success. We will provide you with plenty of collaboration and guidance during this process. Choose features and materials you will find as appealing next year as you do today. Our team will also ensure that the plans are functional and will lead to a lasting, strong home that is more energy-efficient and healthy than other remodeling companies could provide.

We will review, choose, and order materials during this stage to lock in price and availability. Getting halfway through the project only to find that we can only get some of the materials chosen would be disastrous to your experience.

2nd Stage: BUDGET

Money matters matter and must be determined early in a remodeling project. We encourage all our clients to seek referrals and estimates from a few competing builders. If you aren’t impressed by the quality of our referrals and the detailed, specific nature of our budgets and plans, go with someone else. We are confident you’ll choose us and want you to be satisfied.

Our team can also help you identify and secure the most appropriate financing for your remodel.

3rd Stage – DEMO

Before beauty can rise from the ashes, something has to burn. While we won’t burn down your home, we will have to tear out various elements depending on the changes that the plans require. We encourage our clients to leave this stage to the professionals. Knocking down a load-bearing wall or damaging materials you don’t plan to change could lead to significant and unexpected expenses.

4th State – BUILD

Once demolition is complete, our teams will begin constructing your remodel. At this point, you may find life in your home a bit rustic, and depending on the project’s scope, you may choose to vacate your property for a bit. When you choose Innovative Construction Solutions, you can be confident in the trustworthiness and capacity of our employees.

5th Stage: CLEAN

Cleaning the home and setting the stage are essential finishing points that make a ton of difference in homeowner satisfaction. Rest assured that before you enter your newly remodeled home, it will be clean and ready for your enjoyment.

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