You can always count on Innovative Construction Solutions when it comes to home building services in Port Royal, Naples FL. We have a team of experts who have a deep understanding of both commercial and luxury home construction. All of these professionals know how to thorough evaluate the conditions of a structure, and resolve any issues that may exist. Our expertise is unmatched when it comes to helping clients see minor problems before they lead to extensive, costly damage.

Reasons to Turn to Innovative Construction Solutions

Home Building Services Port Royal, Naples FLThese are just some of the reasons why clients throughout the region contact Innovative Construction Services on a regular basis.

  • Technology – We have the latest equipment, which we combine with tried-and-true methods of diagnostics and remediation.
  • Passion – All of our professionals are committed to delivering unequaled quality and results, ensuring total client satisfaction. You can always contact us with questions, and we will have the answers you need.
  • Efficiency – When we take on a project, we do so on the client’s timeline – not ours. You’ll always be able to choose us with complete confidence, regardless of your schedule. We also adjust our work in order to create minimal disruption to your daily business or home routine.

Pool Deck Services

Pool deck construction, renovation and repair are some of the most popular services we offer. We’ll consult you on all of the details of the project, and then take care of everything. No matter how small or large your job may be, we’ll be ready to meet your needs and your budget.

Here’s a brief look at some of the pool deck services we offer.


A pool deck is a very important extension of the home – and in Florida, it’s a must. We can build a deck to your exact specifications, and we offer several different choices in materials and designs. Whether you’re looking for a deck made of natural stone, concrete, tile, pavers or just about anything else you can imagine, we’ll be up to the task.

We’ll show you samples of material options and then work closely with you to determine the one that will best fit your outdoor environment.


A lot of pool decks in the Naples area are made of concrete. Over time, they can develop cosmetic issues. We know how to efficiently remove or repair any unsound concrete, while providing eco-friendly resurfacing services. Instead of dealing with the expense and inconvenience of a complete dock replacement, consider a renovation. It will be a much more cost-effective alternative.


Most concrete pool decks will develop cracks at one time or another. These cracks can form due to changes in temperature, inclement weather, leaks, soil shifts, and more. We can perform a thorough inspection of your deck to determine the exact cause of the cracks, and then recommend the best way to address them. We’ll help restore your deck to its former glory, helping it last for years to come.

Let Us Show You Why We’re the Right Choice

The professionals with Innovative Construction Solutions would love to tell you more about our home building services in Port Royal, Naples FL. Please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience by giving us a call at (239) 384-5890 or using our online contact form.