Maximize the functionality and aesthetics of the exterior door of your Park Shore home in Naples, FL, with a replacement from Innovative Construction Solutions. Your home deserves a high-end, beautiful introduction that protects you from unwanted elements.

Introducing Innovative Construction Solutions

Exterior Door Replacement in Park Shore, Naples, FLA subsidiary of BCB Homes, Innovative Construction Solutions brings over 25 years of experience and a commitment to living up to the legacy of our parent company on every project. Our clients benefit from our expertise, use of advanced technology, and familiarity with Southwest Florida’s unique needs.

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Choosing Exterior Doors

Like other materials within your residence, the exterior doors you choose for your home must check many boxes. Considering the various options, what elements influence the decision, and which factors should have the most influence?


An exterior door should be appropriate for the part of the home where it will hang and its purpose, other than entrance and exit.

Entry Doors for the Front of the Home

The front doors of your home are as important aesthetically as they are functional. They’re critical to your home’s curb appeal, which equals home value and first impressions. Front door options are extensive and should be custom-designed to suit your home’s style and features.

Patio Doors

The doors that open to your patio should be as dramatic as the escape to the lush natural beauty of your exterior spaces. You may opt for sliding high-impact, energy-efficient glass doors to enjoy abundant natural light or choose French doors. Both are popular options, depending on your preferences.

Storm Doors

A storm door precedes a front entry door, providing extra protection from weather conditions and exposure. These doors feature durable glass and provide additional security and natural light on days when homeowners leave the entry door open. 

Screen Doors

Another door option homeowners can choose to precede their entry door is a screen door. A screen door and a storm door are very different types of doors with different structures and purposes. While a storm door is made of solid glass and meant to protect the entry door from inclement weather, the screen door is made with a screen to prevent bugs from entering the home while allowing the homeowner to leave the entry door open for ventilation.

Security Doors

Doors are meant to prevent animals, pests, and precipitation from entering your home, but they should also keep out unwanted “guests.” Security doors elevate this facet of protection. A security door also goes in front of an entry door, but its construction consists of either solid metal or metal bars.

Garage Doors

A garage door can be raised or lowered to allow a vehicle to enter and exit the garage. It can be made of fiberglass, steel, wood, or aluminum and can work manually or electronically.

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