Innovation Construction Solutions is the best source for door installations in Fort Myers, FL. We can be trusted to treat your biggest asset with the consideration and expertise that it deserves. Our expert techs come to you with over 25 years of experience as well as the support of our parent company, BCB Homes. We’re armed with industry knowledge, advanced technology for inspection, and the finest and most energy efficient materials.

Door Installations Fort Myers, FLWhen a door isn’t installed correctly in a home, the results can be annoying and damaging. It may get stuck, make noise, or not shut at all. Our team will make short work of an important job: installing your home’s doors.

The Challenges of Door Installation

A door installation can be messed up easily. Without an appropriate degree of experience and knowledge of framing, alignment, and troubleshooting door installation problems, the door’s functionality will suffer. Call on the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions to select the most appropriate door style, plan for the best approach, and carry out that plan expertly.

Even the time of the year affects door installation! If a door installation occurs during cold weather, the installation may fail. The wooden components of the door and the frame will expand during warm temps and contract during colder ones. To ensure that the door and frame are optimally paired, warm weather is essential for appropriate door installation.

The door material that you choose should be one that works well in the climate. Southwest Florida’s warm, subtropical environment welcomes most types of doors, but energy efficient materials and styles are the best for lower utility costs, maintenance demands, and carbon release.

A quality door can last for decades, but it won’t if installation fails. Short-term functionality may occur, but you can expect the door to become problematic in the long run if the installation isn’t on-point with best practices.

Doors are integral to the envelope of your home. They welcome guests and keep out unwelcome visitors and exterior elements. When you notice issues with your doors or are ready for an upgrade, contact us right away. Innovative Construction Solutions offer the best prepared and experienced craftspeople for every project.

Time to Upgrade Doors?

Making the decision to upgrade your doors is one that you ought to consider. Weigh the costs of the upgrade against the following benefits that the new doors will provide:

  • Visual appeal
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Safer home

Exterior Door Options

You’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to selecting exterior doors. Exterior doors are most commonly made from fiberglass, steel, or wood.

Fiberglass doors are often chosen for this area because it can take a licking from loads of environmental pressures. You can also customize a fiberglass door with the texture and color of your choice. Furthermore, fiberglass doors offer durability, easy maintenance, and affordability.

Choosing a steel door is an option that provides heightened durability and security, but the humidity of the climate may prove to be problematic without regular maintenance to prevent corrosion.

A wooden exterior door is classic and elegant. This material offers the right look and quality with regular maintenance and upkeep.

Next Steps

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