Is the deck or balcony of your home in the Naples, FL area cracked, sinking, or leaking? Look no further than Innovative Construction Solutions for waterproofing and repair services. We have a proven reputation for quality work and are highly rated by general contractors, property managers, and home and business owners.

Innovative Construction Solutions works directly with homeowners and premier builders to meet your challenges and provides highly qualified specialty craftsmen who have the skills to address every detail of your job.

Cracked, Sinking or Leaking Deck / Balcony Repair Naples, FLOur building science experts have a wide range of experience with balcony and deck construction defects and can recommend repair solutions. Whether you need a minor repair for a small leak, ongoing maintenance, or full restoration, we can help.

Part of our water management service involves leak detection and deck/balcony leak repair. Using state-of-the-art technology, including thermal imaging and electronic water detection techniques, we can determine if you have balcony or deck leaks, and where they are. This will help us isolate the source of the leaks and focus on the problem areas to prevent future leaking and damage.

Our professionals can completely restore weathered balconies and deck systems with rich, luxurious penetrating stains that revive the beauty of the balcony and are easy to maintain.  We can also safely remove failed coatings and bring your weathered deck back to life.

Innovative Construction Solutions can also identify structural deficiencies that have developed over time or may be inherent in the deck or balcony design. We can mitigate construction defects, such as poor workmanship, improper use of wood or fasteners, failure to add flashing, or use of the wrong concrete mix, among other things.

Signs of Balcony Damage

Living in Naples, FL on the Gulf Coast may be delightful, but your balcony and deck must be protected from the effects of the harsh heat, humidity and storms in order to prevent deterioration and expensive repairs.

There can be many reasons for deck and balcony water infiltration issues. If you see any of these signs of damage, seek the advice of Innovative Construction Solutions:

  • Efflorescence at the outside edge of deck system (This is a sign that water is pooling or not draining correctly.)
  • Water stains from leaks or pooling water
  • Leaking at windows, doors, door thresholds, or from underneath a deck
  • Difficulty opening and closing windows or doors due to swollen wood
  • Peeling or blistering paint at critical areas
  • Deteriorating wood or dry rot
  • Cracked or missing tiles
  • Cracked or missing grout
  • Weakened joints at balcony railings and structural posts

If you have a cracked, sinking, or leaking deck or notice even one of the above symptoms, Innovative Construction Solutions can help. Get in touch with us at (239) 384-5890 to explore our balcony and deck waterproofing services in Naples, FL, and ensure that your property has all of the protection it needs.