Proper care for your Naples, FL, home will include correcting humidity problems when they occur. Innovative Construction Solutions can diagnose the causes and prescribe appropriate solutions.

Correcting Home Humidity Problems Naples, FLThe specialists at Innovative Construction Solutions bring more than two decades of expertise to each home that we service. We provide proactive inspection and repair services for homes in this subtropical environment. When problems with humidity, water intrusion, and system failures threaten, heading them off before extreme damage occurs is the stress-free solution.

Homeowners without expertise in home inspections can miss minor problems, failing to recognize them until they are apparent and have caused damage.

The technician from Innovative Construction Solutions will thoroughly check for issues, whether a single defect or multiple problems caused them. Finding the source of excess humidity is the first step toward identifying a long-term and effective solution.

Having Innovative Construction Solutions install upgraded windows and doors will often reduce condensation, moisture, and energy inefficiency.

Humidity problems can be due to the following issues:

  • Ventilation – Great insulation options can trap humidity and air contamination within the home.
  • Condensation – Caused by added insulation and weatherproofing, which also contains moisture; poor insulation around cool surfaces; and higher humidity levels within the home.

Moisture within your home comes from various sources ranging from breathing to laundry, bathing, cooking, washing dishes, pets, and even houseplants.

Simple Ways to Reduce Indoor Humidity

  1. Fix all leaks
  2. Install a door sweep
  3. Run the A/C
  4. Purchase and use a dehumidifier
  5. Seal windows
  6. Improve ventilation
  7. Buy moisture-absorbing houseplants such as Xerophytes, Epiphytes, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, and English Ivy

At Innovative Construction Solutions, we use advanced methods for evaluating humidity issues. Our measures include water and air infiltration testing, blower-door depressurization, infrared thermography, moisture mapping, temperature and humidity readings, roof surveys, evaluation of mechanical systems, and identification of construction defects.

The sooner issues are diagnosed, the sooner they can be fixed. We may live in a humid area, but that does not mean you have to allow your home to be damaged by indoor humidity. Our team can help you resolve the problem, protecting your home from mold and mildew, rotted wood, and even structural damage.

Professional Solutions for Out of Control Humidity

Severe issues with humidity will require professional intervention. When our testing indicates excess moisture, we respond with measures to address water management, window and door leaks, the home envelope, and all other potential sources for excessive humidity within the home.

When the team at Innovative Construction Solutions performs a job, you can be confident that it has been done thoroughly and well. We are fully bonded and licensed, and we will happily provide proof of any credentials or references you would like.

Join the ranks of satisfied Innovative Construction Solutions’ clients to protect your home effortlessly. The outcome is well worth the price.

Correcting the humidity problems within your Naples, FL, home as quickly as possible is essential to a lasting home. Contact Innovative Construction Solutions online or by dialing (239) 384-5890 to take advantage of our lengthy menu of services. Our services work for the long term, protecting your home from the ravages of the environment.