If you ever need a construction defect investigation in Naples, FL, the experts with Innovative Construction Solutions have been providing this service for several years. We have a long track record of providing building inspections, assessments and diagnostic testing for both building professionals and homeowners alike. If any sort of defect is causing issues for your structure, we’ll find the exact location and recommend the right course of action.

The Innovative Construction Solutions Team of Experts

Construction Defect Investigation Naples, FLAt Innovative Construction Solutions, we’ve assembled a team of true professionals who have a deep knowledge of performing building inspections. Our general contractors, designers, architects, engineers and project managers know exactly how to find defects, no matter how subtle they may be. Even a seemingly minor defect can eventually lead to major problems. We know how to spot issues before they cause extensive damage.

Regardless of the scale of your project, we’ll be more than happy to put our unique skillsets to work on your behalf. We can, for instance, find the source of a water infiltration, as well as the extent. We can also spot signs of energy inefficiency due to a poorly installed or manufactured heating or cooling system component.

Our defect detection equipment is the most sophisticated available, and allows us to provide the following building envelope inspection services. These are just a few of those services.

  • Blower door testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Mechanical system evaluations
  • Roof leak detection
  • Humidity and temperature readings
  • Moisture mapping

We have the tools and talent to quickly identify deficiencies and then recommend the most effective restoration or repair strategies.

Assessments of Moisture and Water Intrusion

A building is actually a complex system, one that can easily suffer extensive damage due to water infiltration. Innovative Construction Solutions uses a combination of innovation and scientific knowledge to not only locate the source of an issue, but to analyze the cause as well.

Water intrusion is a particularly common problem in Florida due to heavy rainfall. In many instances, the main reason serious issues occur is that water doesn’t drain properly, and is trapped as a result. Our advanced technology can help identify planning defects, such as issues with water management.

In addition, we can also provide waterproofing solutions that will help protect your building from any further damage due to water infiltration. These are just some of the areas of your building we can seal.

  • Balconies
  • Decks
  • Planters
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Walls
  • And more

Testing and Monitoring Services

Defects in the construction process can also lead to other problems, such as a lack of indoor comfort or poor indoor air quality. We can perform thorough testing on a building’s heating and cooling systems to see why they might not be operating as efficiently as they should. Not only can a lack of efficiency degrade air quality, it can also lead to monthly bills that are much higher than they should be.

Next Steps

Please get in touch with us first for a construction defect investigation in Naples, FL. The experts with Innovative Construction Solutions have decades of experience helping identify defects and recommending solutions to address them, and we can do the same thing for you. You can contact us by using our online form, or you can give us a call at (239) 384-5890 at your earliest convenience.