Moisture can destroy the concrete slab of your home before you even recognize that issues exist, but testing like Innovative Construction Solutions of Naples, FL offers can identify the problem early. 

Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Naples, FLWe suggest routine inspections on a scheduled basis, but if you see signs that your slab is allowing moisture to permeate the slab, call us immediately to find the source of the leak, the extent of the damage, and the best possible solution to the problem. 

The signs to watch for might be explained by many things, so homeowners need to be vigilant as they watch out for a potential slab issue.

  • Water damage to floors – If the pipes underneath your home become damaged, the water will begin to damage the concrete slab, the subfloor, and eventually the floor finishing material. Puddles and water spots on the floor are clear signs that you could have a problem with slab moisture.
  • Low water pressure – Another issue that could indicate these pipes might be compromised is a loss of water pressure. If you have this issue along with any others, you should strongly suspect a slab leak.
  • Sky-high water bills – Track your water bills. Unexplained increases in water usage could mean you have an issue with a running toilet or a leaky pipe. When that pipe is underneath the slab, the damage can be catastrophic to the structural integrity of the home.
  • Shifting, cracking, or movement of the home foundation – A concrete slab is vulnerable to water damage. Permeation of the slab can cause it to crack and shift, which is a situation that can be incredibly costly to remediate, if remediation is even possible.
  • Audible water sounds- If you hear water, but you know that you don’t have any water running, you could have a leak. Finding the source of that leak is vital because the results of the intruding water can be devastating, growing worse and worse as time goes on.

Hire Professionals to Find Moisture Issues

The thermal imaging diagnostics technology that we at Innovative Construction Solutions use allows our team to find these issues, anywhere in the building envelope, before the leak becomes significant. 

This is the most advanced tool on the market, and the least destructive. We use the most suitable techniques for leak detection available and have the most skilled staff as well. Innovative Construction Solutions is a subsidiary of BCB Homes, and we strive daily to provide our clients with worthy service for their homes.

Our expertise is such that we also serve contractors and the needs of insurance companies and attorneys in the building sector. We provide a wide range of remediation and construction services including all of the following:


  • Windows and roof leaks
  • Water management
  • A/C performance testing
    • System performance testing
    • Air leak evaluation
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnostics
    • Insulation inspection
    • Ductwork inspection
  • Air leaks
  • Systems testing
    • A/C performance testing and evaluation
    • Generator testing and evaluation
    • Electrical system testing and evaluation
    • Roofing and tile evaluation
  • Building envelope analysis
    • Water and air infiltration testing
    • Blower-door depressurization
    • Infrared thermography
    • Moisture mapping
    • Temperature and humidity readings
    • Roof surveys
    • Evaluation of mechanical systems
    • Construction defect investigation

Construction Services

  • Waterproofing
  • Window and door installation
  • Roofing

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