The air conditioning of your Naples, FL home must be pitch perfect, and Innovative Construction Solutions offers performance testing to keep it so. A well-maintained A/C system will ensure your home is comfortable with low utility costs and healthy indoor air.

Evaluating A/C System Performance

Air Conditioning Performance Testing Naples, FLRegularly check your HVAC system’s performance through Innovative Construction Solutions’ services to maximize its efficiency and minimize outages and expensive repairs. Southwest Florida’s climate is demanding; the humidity, heavy rain, intense sun exposure, and high temperatures require a close eye, quality materials, and fast remediation. 

Our techs provide inspection services based on thorough training and experience. We offer a range of systems testing, including for the A/C system.

The ultimate mission of Innovative Construction Solutions is to highlight comfort and durability for your home. Through regular inspections and maintenance care, we can help homeowners avoid costly repairs. Minor issues can quickly grow into major ones, so fixing them as early as possible is critical. 

Understanding A/C Performance Testing

Evaluating the performance of an A/C system requires several measures to establish a level of performance and identify issues with the components of the structure’s system. 

Static Pressure Testing

A/C systems operate by forcing chilled air throughout a home via ductwork, but the systems are vulnerable to various failures – from slight to complete. 

Issues can occur with the ductwork, system design, and filter models, leading to high static pressure levels within the A/C system. If this high-pressure level occurs, noise, erratic temperatures, and equipment failure may result. 

Innovative Construction Solutions will perform testing throughout the home to identify the sources of any problems. 

Zone Pressure Testing

This test checks a home’s airtightness and identifies issues of supply and return.

Air Flow Testing

Evaluating the home’s ductwork for blocks or breaks, even small ones, is key to maintaining proper airflow within an A/C system. Maximum airflow is key to the greatest comfort and lowest utility bills possible.

Blower Door Testing

The blower door evaluation ensures that no chilled air escapes via gaps or openings in the exterior envelope through the windows, roof, walls, etc.

Signs that indicate problems with an A/C system’s performance include:

  • Hot and cold areas throughout the home
  • Hotter temps in the second story
  • Frequent ductwork cleaning required


  • Generator Testing and Evaluation – When storms come, be prepared with a ready generator. Preventative maintenance and routine testing will ensure that you are prepared for power outages when they occur.
  • Electrical Testing and Evaluation – Allow the professionals to identify problems with your circuitry. Issues with this system could be causing higher utility costs, unstable performance, and fire potential. 
  • Roofing and Tile Evaluation – Regularly inspecting a home’s roof is key to preventing extensive damage. Minor issues become significant, and you may not immediately notice the signs. We will evaluate visually for the exterior and interior conditions and use thermal imaging cameras to detect breaks in coverage. 

For air conditioning performance testing in Naples, FL, contact Innovative Construction Solutions. Reach out by dialing (239) 384-5890 or clicking here to ensure your home remains comfortable and strong for many years.