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Water Management

Despite advances in construction methods and building materials, water is still a formidable enemy. In Florida, hurricanes and heavy rainfall command our attention, but many types of water damage is caused by water being trapped and not drained.

The fundamental principle of water management is to shed water by layering materials in such a way that water is directed downwards and outwards. The key to this fundamental principle is drainage. Decks, balconies, and claddings should be designed and constructed to allow for water to shed or drain away from the building.

The telltale signs of poor water management include:

  • Efflorescence
  • Ceiling/wall stains, blisters or discoloration
  • Mold or mildew
  • Moist surfaces
  • Peeling, bubbling or cracking paint
  • General deterioration or corrosion

Innovative Construction Solutions specializes in investigating the root cause of the problem, and uses building science technology to create a customized drainage plan to address your poor water management issues.

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The physics of building in the South Florida hot, humid climate are hard enough on their own, but Innovative executes the details better than any other builder I know. It is truly state-of-the-art building science.

Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P. Eng.

You did a thorough and professional job in construction with the highest quality materials. Thank you!

Fred Buechel

Your team provide exceptional oversight both in what you can see, as well as what you can’t see. You have provided peace of mind in the impeccable construction of the structure. They are a team of exceptional individuals, competent in their specific areas of trade.

Gary Bergstein

Kudos to all that waterproofed our home during the exterior renovation. Despite being on the beach, with Hurricane Irma’s 130 MPH winds, and many windows and doors which we did not have a chance to cover, no water came in the house! Also, it appears that we suffered no structural damage of any kind. Thanks again for your attention to detail and quality work!

Dave & Brenda Pelizzon

Just a quick note to thanks you guys for building a great house for Debbie and me. We came through Hurricane Irma in great shape. We were reflecting how fortunate we were to have such a professional construction team. Thanks for your time and patience in building a truly beautiful well constructed home.

Ray & Debbie Guerin

Your team resolved quite a few problems in my previously renovated 1950s built home. They resolved everything from air conditioning issues to insulation problems to gas and water leaks. They fixed problems other people could not even find.

Peter Barakett

As new homeowners in Naples we had scheduled projects – generator install, gutters, as well as unscheduled events – the main AC unit breaking down with a difficult fix. Dave Raffa handled it all in a very calm, professional and extremely competent manner. Dave is truly outstanding – thorough, responsive, knowledgeable, positive, professional, great attention to detail – all in all he is a real pleasure to work with. Bryce Alexis was our initial contact and he was terrific. We are impressed with the entire Innovative Team!

Tom & Missy R.